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Tolstoy Biography narrated by his daughter

Leo Tolstoy - The Last Years


Tolstoy the Spiritual Anarchist: On "A Confession"


Leo Tolstoy - on film


Leo Tolstoy Biography



Leo Tolstoy's Theory of History

Leo Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' is not only a historical novel but also an exercise in theoretical history. Using the example of Napoleon and his march on Moscow in 1812, Tolstoy attempts to show that the role of history's great figures is 'superficial' and 'illusory'.




Inspiring Characters in Tolstoy's War and Peace

Russian literature scholar Andrew D. Kaufman discusses the relevance of Tolstoy's epic masterpiece, at his keynote lecture, "Give War and Peace a Chance: How Tolstoy Can Change Your Life," at Regent University, as part of the Big Read sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.


The BBC's War & Peace: Episode 1. Name-Day

Twenty part drama of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel. The Rostov family prepares to celebrate the name-day of Countess Rostova and her younger daughter, Natalia, nicknamed Natasha.

First broadcast in 1972/3 this was one of the BBC's earliest historical drama series for colour television. Stretching into a mammoth 26 episodes if memory serves, it received only a Luke-warm reception and never really garnered much interest from the viewing public.

The original series was heavily edited into 20 parts and re-broadcast a few years later, but it never really caught on. This upload is the 20 episodes version. Very much a novelty at the time, colour TV across our measly three television channels in the UK was all the rage.

The broadcast of episode 1 coincided with the arrival of our first colour TV at home. War & Peace became something of an obsession with me at the time and I could never understand why it had such a dismal reception.

The modern viewer might spot a few familiar faces and wonder what ever happened to them. There might be one or two faces that went on to find greater fame and fortune.


War And Peace (1956) - Trailer

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