George Rose (February 19, 1920 - May 5, 1988) was an English award-winning actor in theatre and films.

In 1980, he appeared as Major General Stanley in the hit Joe Papp adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance,
co-starring Kevin Kline.

In 1984, Rose purchased a vacation home in the Dominican Republic, where he spent much of his time between performances.

George Rose was openly gay, having no immediate family or permanent partner; but he had longed to have a child and heir.
Shortly after relocating, he took in a 14 year old boy whom he supported financially and to whom he planned to leave his estate.  He adopted the boy in January, 1988.

On May 5, 1988, during a two-week vacation during his national tour of Drood, Rose was beaten to death by his adopted son and three other men. 

The assailants, including the son's biological father and uncle, tried to make the death look like an accident, but soon confessed to killing Rose.

Thought all four men were charged and spent time in prison, no trial was ever held, and eventually all were released.

The links provided below will lead you to many scenes of this wonderful film with a stellar performance by George Rose for which he was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical in 1981.

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