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Nathan Wilson started the Toronto Paint & Wallpaper Company in 1915 in a street level building on Yonge Street in Toronto.
It was a small family business that catered 100% of its business to contractors.
Nathan built the company on three key principles; quality, value and customer service.

At PARA, paint is our passion, our vision, our heritage.
Made to the most stringent quality standards, PARA Paints gives your home a crisp clean trim, the play of soft matte against gloss and above all, every imaginable whisper or punch of colour.
It's fun, it's flair, it's personal expression in rooms full of unique spirit and individuality,
each a celebration of where and how we live.

It's decorating - Canadian Style!




Great Results: Preparing The Surface


Plan on 1 - 2 days for preparatory work including repairs and washing of the surface. Allow at least one day for the surface to dry.

Repainting Previously Painted Surfaces

After sanding the desired surface, use PARA PRIMETECH Super-Stick #777 as a spot primer before top coating. If you suspect the old glossy surface to be an alkyd paint and you would like to apply a new latex topcoat, apply a coat of PARA PRIMETECH Aqua-Primex latex primer #750 after washing and before applying a top coat of PARA ULTRA Latex House Paint.

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For Great Results: Interior And Exterior

Techniques for brushing on paint

The use of an angular tip brush allows more accurate placement of the paint, and is especially suitable when painting trim and window frames..

To paint a consistent, straight line along the edge of trim or along the edge of a window pane, give the brush a gentle wiggle as you apply the tips of the bristles to the surface. This gently flares out the bristles. Now move the brush along the surface, remembering to hold it at it's metal ferrule for greater control.

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phone: (905) 792-0940