Twenty-four major political and military leaders of Nazi Germany, indicted for aggressive war, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, were brought to trial before the International Military Tribunal.

More than 100 additional defendants, representing many sectors of German society, were tried before the United States Nuremberg Military Tribunals in a series of 12 trials known as “Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings.

” The four major publications linked below contain: the official proceedings of the trial of the major war criminals (The Blue Series), documentary evidence and guide materials from that trial (The Red Series), the official condensed record of the subsequent trials (The Green Series), and a final report on all the war crimes trials held in Nuremberg, Germany, from 1945 to 1949.

Nuremberg Trials Key Moments

Nuremberg Trials Key Moments [Full Resolution]. The End of the Fuerhers.
Pathe library footage of Lord Justice Lawrence making speech to courthouse on first day of Nuremberg trials.
Footage of Hermann Goering standing and making speech.
Wilhelm Keitel standing in dock at Nuremberg. Various shots of Keitel when he was a Field Marshal in German Army.
Various shots of large Nazi rally in Germany during 1930s.
Baldur Von Schirach standing in dock at Nuremberg. Swastika on top of Nuremberg Stadium being exploded. 

The Nuremberg Trials - Full Length Documentary

Nuremberg Trials History Channel documentary

Hitler's Right Hand Man: Hermann Göring


Reinhard Heydrich - The God of Death

SS Obergruppenfuehrer, Head of the SD, Head of the Prussian Gestapo, Head of Gestapo for the Reich, Head of the Sicherheitspolizei, Head of the Reich's Main Security Office, and Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia.

He also collected several unofficial sobriquets: the Hangman, The Butcher of Prague, Himmler's Brain, Himmler's Evil Genius, The Man with the Iron Heart, The Blond Beast, and (perhaps most memorably) The Young Evil God of Death.

 Nazi Hunters - Killing

They called him “The Hangman”. Reinhardt Heydrich, became one ofthe most hated men in all of occupied Europe.

He was the real mastermind behind the “Final Solution” and created the blueprint for the Holocaust.

Heydrich’s ambition knew no bounds, he even wanted to replace Adolf Hitler.

He ruled occupied Czechoslovakia with a rod of iron and thought himself untouchable.

But in London, a top-secret hit squad had different ideas. They began to target Heydrich for execution.

The Nuremberg Trials are an endless issue.  It is a very complicated subject.

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Although this occurred many years ago, it was something that affected the whole world during that period.

World War II has many unanswered questions.

The video below is a part of the film made by Stanley Kramer.
 In this scene, Richard Widmark played a very important role as a prosecutor.

It is preferable that you view the entire clip which is very graphic in naure.
Close to the end of the clip, he remarks with these words
"the real figure no one knows".


Secret History sheds new light on Hitler's poor health, hypochondria and extraordinary drug dependency, drawing on his personal physician's previously secret medical diaries and journals