This video made in 1986 shows George Hall, Government Trustee.

George Hall was sent by the government in May, 1979 to shut down the Goudas plant.

During that time Spyros Peter Goudas had suffered a compound fracture of his leg.  The circumstances of this terrible accident may be read in the book titled, Just Another Broken Leg.

In the video George Hall speaks of his relationship with Spyros Peter Goudas

You may also view George Hall participating in the Entrepreneur of the Year Award Celebration in 1993, when Spyros Peter Goudas had the honour of being named Entrepreneur of the Year.

This is a remarkable story because George Hall is speaking about shutting the Goudas organization down which resulted in financial disaster.

So now with no money and a leg full of metal bolts, screws and nuts used to rebuild the broken bones, Spyros Peter Goudas with deep determination was able to start over again and fourteen years later he was able to achieve the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Canadian Government.

On the film following this link you may see George Hall talking to the audience about Mr. Goudas at the award presentation.  In one sentence he refers to Mr. Goudas as a (character ).

Within the video, you may also see Mr. John Voorposte, chairman of the National Council of Ethnic Canadian Business & Professional Associations, speaking about Mr. Goudas’ creativity and impact on the industry, and most importantly the fact that he gives back to the community. 

View the link of Letters of Appreciation to have a full understanding of the words giving back to the community.

One of the newspaper editors at the time of the interview asked Mr. Goudas where he finds the money to support the community, in response Mr. Goudas mentioned that he is the one who robbed the Bank of England and orchestrated the Great Train Robbery.

Both of these videos are educational and also inspiring for people who have suffered similar, less or worse situations and have to start over again with God’s will.

This link has been incorporated in YouTube as of the summer of 2014.

We asked Mr. Goudas how he felt lately about the condition of the broken leg.
Thirty five years later, he states, he still has pain depending on the weather conditions but he has learnt to live with the pain.  He also thanks God who allows him to use the leg.

If you feel that you would like to visit a part of history, visit all the above links.

In one of the newspaper articles somewhere, one of the writers wrote the following sentence: that Mr. Goudas' life story is not always peaches and cream.

To verify that statement and how correct this newspaper editor was, we thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the link, Miracles Still Do Happen.  

This book written by Spyros Peter Goudas documents events that also inspires individuals to not give up hope.

This book has been translated into several languages, and according to many the title should be, There is always hope.