• Are these flyers effective for stores throughout Canada, or just Ontario?

    Please refer to the corresponding store locations provided specifically for each store; the link is located on the top right hand corner of each posted flyer.
  • Are these flyers on your site always correct?

    Although great care is taken in the production of the flyers, typographical, illustrative, valid date and / or pricing errors may occur. Please note that for accuracy you need to view the actual copy of the flyer within the store.
  • Why isn't there a recent flyer?

     Sometimes we are not able to get the flyer on time to display it for our viewers, or the particular store has not updated their web-space from the Head Office.
  • Why don't we have certain flyers?

    The web page is occupied from already registered companies. For a guaranteed weekly space, companies have to register in order to use our services constantly. If you do not see a store / flyer displayed on, contact directly the Head Office and ask them to register on our site, provided we will have space available.
  • Why can't I see a video or hear an audio file on

    Our video streams require Real Player, which is a freely available program from Real networks at
    Please download the free player to enjoy our video and audio content.
  • Why can't I see the flyers?

    Either you are visiting from work or from your home computer, you must be aware of firewalls, ad-blockers, or spy-ware protections that might be responsible for blocking the advertising information our website provides.
    Please check the settings of your protection system(s) in order to gain access to
  • Can send me past flyers?

    The best way to obtain past flyers is to ask the head offices of the particular stores you are interested in.
  • Can send me the original printout of the current flyer? cannot send out original printouts.
    You can obtain the originals by either visiting the store or by asking the company's head office to deliver it to you directly.
  • Can I have a peek into a future flyer?

    Although, we may have this information, which is absolutely confidential, or policy is only to display up to the current dated flyers in circulation.
  • Does distribute flyers?

    No. is a website, not a printing organization.
  • Since this is a website about flyers, why do you have pictures of animals on the main page?

    Flyers are not always about food, clothing or other department type of stores.
    We also allow flyers from other types of companies and businesses, as well as articles that we consider interesting for our viewers to read.
  • How much does it cost to post a flyer on this site?

    Please contact our sales department at
  • Since when has been online? originally started in August of 2002 under the domain name of Due to the enormous response and viewer requests, we have since expanded our idea to cover more than just food.
    In January 2003, changed its name to finally portray what our viewers asked for:
  • For how long will the Classified Ads section be free?

    Our target is to have more than 5000 ads posted on a daily basis.
    At that point we will construct a pricing strategy.
  • Are the classified ads being screened before published on the site?

    No, but we periodically review the ads to make sure that their contents do not offend viewers (for e.g. Language, etc.).
  • For how long is an Opening of a New Store posted on

    The store opening input section is free to businesses, where you may place a description up to a month in advance. We try to maintain the advertisement for at least 2 months after the initial opening.
  • Are you ever going to post the best products or prices of the week?

    Our business initially started with the slogan
    "Get Informed, Compare, Make a Decision".
    It would take out all of the fun of viewing flyers, if we were to select and suggest any product over another.
    We are committed to maintaining our slogan.
  • How often do you send a Newsletter?

    We send a Newsletter every time we feel it is necessary to inform our subscribers about important news and events.
  • Who uploads the flyers, the stores themselves or

    Our staff uploads certain flyers, and certain flyers are uploaded directly from the head offices of those stores.
  • Can we send our favourite recipes to be posted on the site?
    Where can we send them?

    Yes, and we are working constantly to update the recipe section.
    Please continue to visit the recipe section where you will be able to post your best recipes directly.
  • Is the company planning to expand to the United States in the future?

    We are working constantly to cover all areas in Canada, and then focus our business in the United States.
  • Can I print out coupons provided on the flyers and use them for my shopping?

    Most of the companies know exactly how many coupons have been printed according to their circulation numbers. It would be a good idea to contact the head office of the specific store via the email provided and ask this question directly.
  • Why sometimes it takes a long time to open the flyer pages?

    Two reasons could account for this problem: The first possibility is that you might be using a Dial-Up connection to the Internet. Such connections tend to be slow when opening images. The second possibility is that there is a large number of viewers visiting at the same time, and traffic might slow down the viewing process.
  • Since you advertise large corporations, why do you also include small businesses on the main page?

    Our website supports all businesses, big and small, and is happy to assist in promoting new businesses and helping them succeed.