The incredible story of Eva Peron began with this clip.  She was the second wife of President Juan Peron (1895-1974) and served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. She is often referred to as simply Eva Peron, or by the affectionate Evita.

Madonna stars as Eva Peron in the movie.

"Evita" by Eduardo Montes-Bradley (2006)

Evita is a documentary film on the life of Eva Duarte created by Eduardo Montes-Bradley. Confirmed in its entirety with previously unseen historical footage and documents, the film reconstructs the life of the former Argentine first lady from an unbiased perspective.

The film starts with a meticulous examination of Evita Duarte's origins, her relationship with her parents (particularly her father), and her siblings.
Evita goes on to reveal intimate aspects of Duarte's early childhood and adolescence, leading to her resolving to flee her home in the countryside for the capital city of Buenos Aires.
The latter segments of the film are highlighted by interviews with former teachers from her elementary schooling in Junin, a small city in the province of Buenos Aires.
Throughout the film, the director is steadily reminding the audience of the domestic and international context out of which Evita Duarte emerged, enhancing the viewer's understanding of the facts. The second act of the film concludes with her funeral in Buenos Aires.
The third act exposes the macabre plot to have Evita Peron's corpse disappear, and looks at the curious series of events leading to the exchange of cadavers between the so-called Peronist youth and the military regime. Evita premiered in the US on WCVE Richmond-PBS, and WHTJ Charlottesville-PBS on July 12, 2012.
Evita has been included in courses on Political Science and History. Most recently, the documentary was listed 11 in the “Top 25 Political Documentaries That Shed Light On Latin America’s Reality".

Splendida interpretazione di Madonna in " Don't cry for me Argentina "

gabino el mayoral 

I love this song. I was lucky to be an extra in the film. I participated in this scene. I could experience the magic of movies as they transformed some streets of Buenos Aires as they were 70 years ago. I felt as if I was in the time tunnel. It was really a pleasure.
Even the critics enjoyed Madonna’s talent in this film.

 Evita Perón - Biography (part 1)

Evita The Woman Behind the Myth - From A&E TV's Biography 

 Eva Peron's Final Speech (1951)

What a woman! She gave 1m sewing machines so women could make a bit of extra money. She built houses for the poor with little GARDENS so they could grow veggies or flowers. There are calls for her to be made a Saint. YES!

Thanks a lot for translating it into English. I've been interested in what she was saying after watching the Evita movie
Leaders should take a look at Evita... Look at everything she has done for the poverty-stricken..
It was only for her the poor got a chance, what a great woman, water, electricity, etc for those in need and in the backcountry, she achieved what men could not in a very short time. those naysayers need to look in the mirror before casting stones
One of the most important contributions of Evita's work for humanity was the change in the legal status of children born out of wedlock before they were considered inferior morally, but also legally and Evita changed that status, she eliminated the word "BASTARD" from the official birth certificate and in its place, she put the word "NATURAL", in this way she not only gave back legal equality to all newborns regardless of whether they were born out of wedlock or in wedlock. With this, no newborn would have a legal disadvantage to deal with from the beginning of their lives.

valpiserv1 One of the greatest women in the 20th Century.


1963 television documentary with Mike Wallace.

 Evita - Music From The Motion Picture (Full Album) [1996] 

Madonna, one of the most talented artists on the planet gives an excellent performance portraying the legendary Evita Peron.
 In addition, Antonio Banderas adds further excellence with his performance. 

Madonna - Evita - Don't cry for Me Argentina 11/19


Evita Soundtrack  Oh What A Circus


Funeral Of Eva Peron (1952)

María Eva Duarte de Perón, better known as just Eva Perón or by the nickname Evita, was an Argentine actress, politician, activist, and philanthropist who served as First Lady of Argentina from June 1946 until her death in July 1952, as the wife of Argentine President Juan Perón.


Madonna wins Golden Globe for Best Actress in Evita 1997


Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Cry For Me Argentina 


Paloma San Basilio No llores por mí Argentina


Nacha Guevara - No Llores Por Mí Argentina


No liores por mi Argentina Nacha Guevara


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Eva Perón Intimate Portrait Evita  


Renunciamiento de Eva Peron - 1951


Discurso Evita, 17 de octubre 1951 - Canal Encuentro


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Evita: Making of a Superstar documentary


Eva Peron First Lady of Argentina Mini Bio 


Argentina remembers first lady Eva Peron


Madonna on the Arsenio Hall Show (1990

Madonna Nightline Interview Dec 3, 1990