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24 Golden oldies :) 50,s an 60,s Enjoy


Oldies But Goldies (with lyrics)


Greatest 60s Hits


Rock & Roll 50's Mix - 1 hour




Oldies Mix / Rock n' Roll 50s 60s 

 Oldies rock n' roll of 50s and 60s Vol 2 including hits from Platters, Paul Anka, Solomon Burke etc ''I do not own any of the songs' copyrights and not intend to make any profit out of this video''


Pot-Pourri - Rivers of Babylon _ Sugar Sugar  


Dietmar & Nellia – Never Stop Jiving

Patricia Carlton, They're two sweethearts. Seniors who have a lot of joy and energy and they love to dance. What's wrong with that? How prudish? Some people are God bless him. They do very well together. They're quite a team. I salute them. I really enjoyed watching them. More people should Be like them

Tina King Oh my goodness that's so awesome, I love watching them dance their movements are super, this not only put a smile on my face but made my heart more than Happy, God Bless You

Why did this make me cry? I miss my mom. They were amazing! Peace and love


Incredible 93-year-old dances routine she did 74 years ago in a movie

93 1/2-year-old legendary dancer Jean Veloz performs a routine she first did for a movie called "Swing Fever" in 1943. She had not performed the routine in 74 years. 93-year-old Jean is seen with her 19-year-old self doing the same dance routine on a big screen behind her with a clip from 1943.

Ottawa Greek Community put on a Greek dance



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