Alexander the Great

Epic History TV's complete four-part history of Alexander the Great in one video.

Follow the incredible story of the Macedonian king as he embarks on the total conquest of the ancient world's greatest superpower, the Persian Empire.

With dramatic victories at the Granicus, Issus, and Gaugamela, Alexander defeats Darius III and claims the throne of Persia. But his campaign to subdue the empire's easternmost provinces and reach the edge of the known world will take him into modern Afghanistan, Pakistan and the frontier of India, where he meets the Indian king Porus in battle at the Hydaspes.

This is the complete overview of Alexander's conquests, a 10 year period of immense drama and historical significance, as the young Macedonian king's breathtaking achievements ushered in a new era in European and Middle Eastern history - the Hellenistic Age.

Alexander the Great (All Parts)


Johnny Stark Somewhere in Greece there is a young boy called Alexander looking at a map of the Middle East rubbing his hands.

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Kristina Mihajlovic Alexandar is 20 and makes the biggest empire ever Me I'm 19 and watching Netflix while eating ice cream 

JOSEPH BADANA One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. 

Olivier Savard, I'm stunned by the production quality of this piece.
I was looking for a documentary on Alexander last weekend and I wasn't expecting that kind of quality content form a guy making documentaries on YouTube. I'm a serious history buff and have around 3000 documentaries in my collection.
This really is Mainstream Cable Channel TV quality level. At 6:03 the explanation of his Army, wow, the combination of music, information, and visuals still gives me goosebumps. Strongly considering becoming a Patron. Your passion for History is shining. Congrats man!
Peter Mokmane Alexander wasn’t just the brain, he fought on the frontline. Wow. 

All-Time Alien He did most of this while in his early 20’s. It’s honestly unreal. 
John Joseph This actor's voice is wonderful!!  
Patrick Dollar This is one of the best historic documentaries!! Men!! You deserve an award!! Your work is outstanding!!! 

Ranjana Thengane 53 minutes of sweet history goodness.  

Rafal Bechert I love how u using Gameplay from Rome II is working brilliantly with this type of doc 
Journey95 Far One of the most badass dude's in history 
Syed Waqas The quality of this documentary is just mind-blowing in every aspect. Does total justice with the king of kings it portrays
Nhat Tran, He became king of Macedonian at the age of 20 and king of the world at 24. What in the world I am doing with my life
Jennifer Carrillo, I have to say this is a way to present history. I watched a video earlier on how there came to be a "Persia". Alexander liberated the "citizens" of Persia and when he ordered the soldiers "with" Al, well, yes I can see how that might look but he was celebrating his brother's freedom being restored. AtG 'the strategist ' he went in and you knew if you needed help. that's love, that's family. In light of the World as it is today I say that we all need to realize that we
are all survivors- not victims. That's the truth. I'm sorry but this is amazing awakening stuff. 


Erik Ledesma Absolutely astonishing and unbelievable quality, everything, the graphics, the narration, and the music, it didn’t even felt like a 50-minute documentary 

Basic Benny, I use to hate history in school because it was so boring, now I can't get enough of it. 
Georgios The Greek Stop say Macedonia. Was Greeks. All speaking Greeks. Just from different Provinces. 

Ryan Shearer TAKE A BOW. This was absolutely amazing! 
Hetzel Steve Mejia Vidales I remember coming across a book about Alexander in my high school library back in 81 and since then I have been an admirer of the excelled triumphs; Not to pillage but to spread the western Greece cultural knowledge and to stop the continuous threat latent by the eastern kingdom. Sure had a great impact on the world since then. "Alexander Magnum" 
Reza Rezai One of the most influential man in history 

Sacred Eye I love the story of Alexander. He is more fascinating than most historical figures I’ve known.
Blotted how in the hell do you build all these new cities, feed your army, get new soldiers, travel such vast distances, and conquer so much in such a small time frame. it's simply mind-blowing. 

Aristos Historian It is amazing that just only a man, changed the course of global history. After his conquests, he spread the Greek language and customs, from Balkans until India. And after that, the eastern Roman Empire, which was, of course, a Latin empire, became kinda Greek empire, because the official language was Greek. Yet the Bible was translated to Greek, because of that. And even more, Renaissance was influenced by Ancient Greek texts which transferred to the west, after the collapse of Constantinople(today Istanbul)and Eastern Roman Empire(Byzantine empire). 
Docknight90 This reminds me of the old history channel documentaries before all the ancient alien nonsense. Great work keep it up! 

Komemba Lohese The way the narrator tells the story it's like he was right there filming the whole thing live! I love it! Great documentary!
Mike TheRandFan I would love to see more about ancient Greece! For example, Ulysses, Homer, Aristotle, the origins of Greeks.

Tropical Terrarium The "Immortals" got their asses kicked by the greeks every single time.

Mr. nobody In India, we know Alexander as "Sikandar ".

Rosalina Ngo So sad that after all the hardships of fighting, everything is for naught. Humans never learn.

Exophose Probably my 20th time watching, literally the best history documentary I’ve ever seen. You gotta make more man, good job.
Auchus Pauchus Awesome narratory skills. I could listen to these videos for a whole year and not get bored. 

Muhammad Mirza From Pella to Phalia. Good job very good documentary. I am from Punjab and we still have greek medicine treatments that were brought to us by Sikander (Alexander). Thank you.
Brian Klier Absolutely phenomenal documentary. Well done! 

Xavier If Alexander lived long enough, the Romans would never happen 

Cemetery Wind I love this stuff. I sometimes wonder about the accuracy of world history. Most were written by the victors. This leads me to question it all.
Mantis Toboggan This is exactly the type of history videos I’ve been looking for. The breakdown and explanation of the battles, units, and tactics, to general history with clear and concise visual representations. As well as a very engaging voice over, thank you for making these videos Y’all have for sure earned your subscription
Asad, It's amazing that after 2300 yrs Alexander is still remembered in folk tales of Punjab, Pakistan. You go to Taxila and other parts of Punjab and u would feel the presence of him and his army.

crAZy American This vid on Alexander the Great was epic and I learned of some things new to me. Applause to you sir.. cA
Pittas Savvas The greatest thing Alexander did was not only lead his army to victory after victory, but it was also the fact that he spread the culture of the Greek world, and recognized the culture of the country he entered, so much so that he asked many of the soldiers to marry local girls. And hence today there are some from as far as Afghanistan who claims that they are from a tribe that its decedents of Alexander the Great!!!

sultainious When Alexander was ten years old, a trader from Thessaly brought his father Philip a horse, which he offered to sell for thirteen talents. The horse refused to be mounted, and Philip ordered it away. Alexander, however, detecting the horse's fear of its own shadow, asked to tame the horse, which he eventually managed. The Ancient Greek biographer Plutarch stated that Philip, overjoyed at this display of courage and ambition, kissed his son tearfully, declaring: "My boy, you must find a kingdom big enough for your ambitions. Macedon is too small for you", and bought the horse for him. Alexander named it Bucephalus, meaning "ox-head". Bucephalus carried Alexander as far as India. When the animal died (because of old age, according to Plutarch, at age thirty), Alexander named a city after him, Bucephala.

Vasileios Tsakalis What a masterpiece! I am from Vergina, the first capital of Macedonia, the birthplace of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. The grave of Phillip II is here. I want to say something for the people of our neighbor country who wants to distort the real history. Macedonia was, is and always will be Greek. You stoled a name, caused by political games, but you can't steal one amazing chapter of our huge history. Believing in something fake or raised on lies, will never make you a real nation with a real identity, you're doomed to live under the shadow of our historical displacement. It's never late to start from now building your history for the future, do it for you, not for us. With respect from a Greek friend
esskay ask He is not a great person. A sick person who killed millions in the war for his own greed. When he entered India, he died pathetically.

PIR I'm half Greek and I love Persia. Long live Hellas and Persia. Alexander the Great admired Persian culture and wanted to create a mixture of Greek and Persian culture which would forever bind and commemorate the two peoples. Alexander had 3 Iranian wives, Stateira II, Roxana, and Parysatis II. He respected Persia a lot.
Dady Fast car Great video, Greeks have given the lights to the world. 
scipio africanus He was poisoned by his generals




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