Nikedem Belu! (Eritrean Cuisine Tutorials): Zigni Dorho/Siga

Traditional Eritrean & Ethiopian dish, Zigni Dorho (chicken stew) and Zigni Siga (Meat stew). Every mother may have a different recipe but this is the recipe that I follow that my mother has showed me. Hope you enjoy!

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 Hellen Teshaie Gooden, Famous Eritrean make-up artist 

Eritrean orthodox Gala Dinner 2014 by kids mezemran Toronto,Ca

The  African Palace Restaurant is one of the best in Canada

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Intimate eatery for Eritrean & Ethiopian eats, with vegan & gluten-free options & a coffee ceremony.
When you visit us at African Palace, you are in for a treat.
Experience our traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes.

Coffee Ceremony

Experience our Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee ceremony, a traditional way of welcoming guests. The coffee ceremony is one of our most celebrated cultural traditions.

The ceremony is held on a daily basis in most households, whether there are guests or not.

The Ceremony begins with the traditional clay coffee pot, cups and incense burner.

The coffee beans are washed by hand and roasted over a charcoal burner.

Smelling the aroma of the coffee brought out by the roasting, grinding and boiling of the beans is an integral part of the ceremony, while the smell of the burning incense at your table creates a special ambience that enhances the experience.