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Mr. Ben E. King entertained the world for many, many years.  

This Wikipedia link provides you with all you need to know about him.

The following is a quotation from one of his fans:  John OneD - When I get in the mood for true soul this is the man I want to listen to.

Ben E King has always had that kind of voice that so gently flows through your body & captures your spirit and mind taking you back to those days filled with sweet memories.  

Thanks for sharing "The One & The Only Mr. Ben E King" God Bless to All 

 Ben E. King - I Who Have Nothing

 Ben E. King - Save the last dance for me

 Ben E. King and The Drifters - There Goes My Baby (1959)

 Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1987.
Ben E King - vocal; Philip Stancill - MD, Keyboards; Allen Gaz Gaskell - tenor sax, guitar; Mickey Kearns - baritone sax; Tony McConnell - tenor sax; Bob Hardy - keyboards; Klaus Steinbeck - bass; Steve Grant Hardy - drums.

We are inserting a real life true story that happened many years ago.  

We take you back to the year of the famous 813 Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Spyros Peter Goudas (Mr. Goudas) was the owner of this club.
Through other links from his biography, we also know that he was a disc jockey (DJ) at the time.
No one knew him as Mr. Goudas in the club, he went by the name Mr. Whoo.

To fully understand the story that follows one must click on the image below.

According to many, he was one of the best DJ's at the time.  To be able to achieve that, he often visited record stores on the weekends to purchase selections for the club.  

During his rehearsal time, he selected and sorted the music into the good, bad and ugly categories; and placed specific discs on the side when he wanted to have certain songs handy to revive the crowd in case he was losing the crowd's attention.  

He always had a few friends around during his rehearsing sessions.
 Please note that the time we are referring to was the pre-CD, pre-Internet, pre-8-track, and pre-cassette period.

The only choices were vinyl records of 45 or 33 r.p.m.

One of his friends said to him" Mr. Whoo, I have one record which I would like you to listen to and if you like it, it is for sale for $100.00.  I would like to remind you that a loaf of bread cost around 20 cents.

He agreed to the deal and placed the record on the record player.  When the record was finished, he mentioned to his friend that this is the most expensive record I ever bought.

We found this song on YouTube and have included it on the link below for your enjoyment.

Ben E King - Seven Letters

Arthur Dent ..."Stand by me", will be for me, forever connected to George Carlin henceforth. Arguably, it's the best song ever written, and I'm not too surprised it was one of Georges's favorite songs. Sung for Georges tribute by the Master Himself, Ben E. King...Perfect!

George Carlin - Mark Twain Prize for American Humor