It Was 40 Years Ago in 1978



Jim Jones was best known as the cult leader of the Peoples Temple who led more than 900 followers in a mass suicide via cyanide-laced punch known as the Jonestown Massacre.

The young generation may be unaware of this individual.

His name was on the front pages of newspapers around the world and became the topic of discussion when it was discovered that his so-called church was nothing more than a cult.

This topic was chosen to relate to you the sequence of events that led to the eventual mass murder suicide in Guyana, South America.

We begin with his biography.


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The story of the People's Temple cult led by Jim Jones and the events involving its move to Guyana and its eventual mass suicide.

The link below is a film made about the events as they occured.


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Published on Jun 22, 2014

"Jonestown" was the informal name for the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project formed by the Peoples Temple, an American religious organization under the leadership of Jim Jones, in northwestern Guyana. It became internationally notorious when on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement, at the nearby airstrip in Port Kaituma, and in Georgetown, Guyana's capital city. The name of the settlement became synonymous with the incidents at those locations.
A total of 909 Temple members died in Jonestown, all but two from apparent cyanide poisoning, in an event termed "revolutionary suicide" by Jones and some members on an audio tape of the event and in prior discussions. The poisonings in Jonestown followed the murder of five others by Temple members at Port Kaituma, including United States Congressman Leo Ryan. Four other Temple members died in Georgetown at Jones' command.
To a certain extent, the actions in Jonestown were viewed as a mass suicide; some sources, including Jonestown survivors, regard the event as a mass murder.[1][2] It was the largest such event in modern history and resulted in the largest single loss of American civilian life in a deliberate act until the events of September 11, 2001.


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