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I love Lucy: english Pronunciation

Lucille Ball & Barbara Walters: An Interview of a LifeTime (FULL)

Along with having Dolly Pardon, Henry Winkler, and Stacy Weitzerman as guests for her 1977 Special, Barbara Walters also sits down with Lucy and Gary Morton.
IMO:Barbara Walters asks the questions Lucy kinda steered away from up until this point of her career on TV (post-I Love Lucy) Some say Lucy was uncomfortable with discussing her past life with her current husband, as she wanted to respect the present joys they had in their successful marriage, and giving it its own identity-It's definately interesting to see Lucy almost go ham on Barbara about her first marriage and tell the TRUTH of how it was, and why it didnt work.
Barbara is wonderful and friendly but asks those GOOD questions you've always wanted to know :) Id love to see an unedited version come out one day, as this is the only known full footage besides that shown on the original air date. At least that I know of. Thanks for watching! :) and come visit us at our fun place 


"Desi Arnaz Today" - Entertainment Tonight (1982)

From Entertainment Tonight, circa 1982... Ron Hendren and Dixie Whatley profile Desi Arnaz


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Lucille Ball Documentary (PBS)

  lekkki1 This woman re-wrote television history, comedy history, popular radio and a lot of other things. We also have her to thank for Star Trek.

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