In memory of Tom Andrikopoulos 

Tom Andrikopoulos., we received the sad new of the sudden passing  of Mr. Tom Andrikopoulos on Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello, my name is Tom Andrikopoulos and I am an Insurance Broker.

Does this name sound Greek to you?  Yes, it is!

You may call me Tom for easy pronunciation and I do answer the phone.

My phone number 647-210-8747. 
Is this a good number to remember?

The last four digits of the number spell TRIP – 647-210-TRIP.
 You may take a trip anywhere and leave your Insurance problems to me.

Insurance could be a very difficult thing, anything from applying for Insurance to making a claim when necessary.

Imagine, you try to make a claim and your Insurance Company has you waiting one hour on hold, and even when someone responds, they need to find out who your insurance Broker is and the game of telephone tag begins.

Do you really need to spend hours and hours on non-sense communication?
I think no one does!

My business is to make your life easier. 

Leave all your problems to me.
I am a big guy, with broad shoulders and I can carry your problems.

I will solve them in a personal manner. 
I will do my best to find the proper insurance for your business and personal needs.

I have twenty-five years of experience in the Insurance Industry and my father-forty years. Together is many years of Insurance knowledge and personalized service. I am very responsible and reliable.

TAIB is my logo,  the initials for Tom Andrikopoulos Insurance Broker.


The above article was created and posted in early 2014 as an advertisement on for his insurance company.

Today, Dec 20, 2014, we received the sad news of the sudden passing of Tom on Friday, December 19, 2014, at 4:00 pm

The photo was taken by Spyros Peter Goudas.

 Tom liked this photo because it reflected his personality. It is the last photo of him.

The FlyerMall Team extends our condolences to his family, relatives, and his friends.

Tom was very well-liked within the Greek community and will be missed.

R.I.P. Tom. 

Regards, Spyros Peter Goudas and The FlyerMall Team


The following article is posted: April 21, 2017.

It is Greek tradition to reflect on and remember those who have passed for many years.

Because of his popularity with many people, a non-profit, golf tournament has

been created in his honor that allows his friends and family members to come

together and commemorate his memory.

The response over the past three years has been absolutely overwhelming and sponsorship of this event has been made possible thanks to the following sponsors whom we would like to recognize:

Magic White Inc., PCI Wireless, Meridian, Floodmasters.Inc., Travelers, Signature Group of Venues, Avid Insurance & Risk Management Inc., Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage Parkview, The George Paul Team, Adrikopoulos Family, Nick & Donna Zarafontis Family, John Dagonas Family, Dr., and Panayiotis Fountas 

We would also like to acknowledge our previous sponsors:

Access RestorationServices, Kronos International Shippers, DSF Lawyers and Mediators, Belvika, SunValley Market, Athens restaurant,Goslyn Environmental Systems, Themy & Paula Koutrakos Family, Multycom Communications, Anytime Fitness, Euro Mediterranean Foods, Terry Topos Family, Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP, Eastside Motors Kostos Tsiflidis, THe Fan Zone Wings & Ribs, Sprakita Products, Sketchley Cleaners, Automotives Specialities Inc. Jastex Sourcing Solutions, Sunset Grill, Meal Butler, Weston Auto Leasing Limited, Akrobond Building Solutions, Topiarys, East Auto Body, Dr. Ken Mandadakis & Assoc. Optometrists, Prophet Elias, Finch / Warden Pharmacy, Kostas Meat Market, Nick's Auto- tech, Heartland Food Products, Bayview Renovations Ltd. Platis Cleaners, Lake View Park Jubilee Pavilion, NoyzBoyz Performance Exhaust, John Haratzis Family,  The Karel Group, Clover Insurance Group, Sts. Constantine& Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Platis Cleaners, Petrela, Winter & Associates Insurance Brokers, Electronic Coating Technologies, Union Construction Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage Parkview and The George Paul Team.

Please help us to keep the memory of Tom Andrikopoulos alive by pledging your support through sponsorship or donations to an event that celebrates the life of a wonderful, individual, who served many people and businesses.

To be a part of the annual tournament or donate please phone: 416.751.2802

After expenses all proceeds raised will be donated to Diabetes Canada, Elpida Autism Foundation, Toronto East Rotary Club and Hellenic Heritage Foundation Apollo Project.



Tom Andrikopoulos family thanks to the following sponsors whom we would like to recognise:

Tom Andrikopoulos family thanks to the following sponsors whom we would like to recognise:

Tom Andrikopoulos family thanks to the following sponsors whom we would like to recognise: