Have you heard the name Federico Felllini before?

Checking out Wikipedia you will discover that he was a film director and scriptwriter who was born in Rimini, Italy in 1920 died in Rome, Italy in 1993 at the age of 73.

During his lifetime he wrote and directed approximately24 films, contributed to 17 screenplays and several television commercials.  He won five Academy Awards and the most Oscars in history of Best Foreign Language Film.

In a few words he is one of the great ones in the film industry.  Films such as La Strada, La Dolce Vita, Black Eagle.

Federico Fellini was very famous in Italy and some of his films are known internationally.

I have seen some of his films in my lifetime, but apparently I miss one of the most important films that he has made titled, Fellini’s Rome.

I discovered this film in 2014 by accident and I was fascinated by the way the film was made.

Since I am Greek, born in Kalamaki, Athens, Greece, and Rome, Italy is just a stone’s throw away, I found that the similarities within the life in these cities are uncanny.  It is as if the life in these cities duplicated each other in this film.

The portrayal of the city, the archaeological aspects, the slums, the outside cafes, the theatres, the whore houses, the eating habits, the incredible traffic, the loud voices, the comedy and the dramas are incidences that Federico Fellini portrayed to perfection.

It seems like an easy film to make.  However, I have seen many films in my life, and I believe Fellini spent a lot of time thinking and creating this film.

Since FlyerMall is viewed by millions, there is always a possibility that someone will read this article and view this film, and possibly, maybe never viewed this film before and will probably agree with my views, and maybe agree with my statement that maybe this is one of the best films.

I found the film on YouTube and have linked into the first part that would lead you to the entire film.  Please try to reserve any comments until the end of the film.

I personally like the end of the film where Anna Magnani, of the great ones, saw her face on the camera and for people who do not know who Anna Magnani is, I have seen her in several films, and one particular on titled, The Secret of Santa Victoria along with a guy named Anthony Quinn.

So let us click here to view Fellin's Rome.




Fellini's Satyricon English subtitles


Federico Fellini receiving an Honorary Oscar

Filmmaker Federico Fellini receiving an Honorary Academy Award®,
in appreciation of one of the screen's master storytellers.
Presentation by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni

- 65th Annual Academy Awards® in 1993.




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