Many people today may not recognize the name, Howard Hughes.

However, Howard Hughes was one of the most brilliant men in the history of mankind.

There are numerous articles on the internet about him and no one really knows which is right and which is wrong.

Several people spend their lifetime trying to figure out and explain his mind.  Some of them write stories or articles and modify his life story in such a way to suit their own objectives.

So now we are at the mercy of these articles and we have to make or own judgment calls.

We do know that he was very rich, reclusive, eccentric, extremely intelligent, lonely, and ill at periods during his lifetime.
Should you examine the various links we have provided, you will also realize that he dated some of the most beautiful women in the world.

In addition to several creations in the aircraft industry, he created a movie studio and produced some of the most famous movies in the world.

Some people love him and some of his competitors hate him.  One thing is for sure is that he was a great philanthropist.

The photo below shows him in the cockpit of an airplane. 

The link below show some interesting articles written about him.

Howard Hughes

The Mystery surrounding the death of Howard Hughes - Please be aware that I am the presenter not the author of this report! Howard Hughes will forever be one of my personal heros! This link is the wikipedia article's_Angels_(film) This link is about his first film.

The above line provides you with images of some of his girlfriends (apparently, he had an excellent taste). This link states that During this period he had sexual relationships with Tyrone Power, Russell Gleason, Richard Cromwell, You make your own assumptions. This link shows his philanthropy - one aspect of it.

We have given you enough links to explore the life of this great man.

Howard Hughes: secret last 25 years

Howard Hughes didn't die in 1976 but lived another 25 years as Nik Nicely married to Eva McLelland explains Mark Musick convincingly. Mark recounts what he learned about those 25 years from 10 years spent with Eva telling her story, going through her boxes of Howard's papers, and conducting a careful investigation.

On the sly Hughes managed to conduct business and participate in CIA intrigue.

The story is told in the book, Boxes,The Secret Life of Howard Hughes by Douglas Wellman. Among the surprises is Hughes' role in the missing 18 Watergate minutes. Video: Joe Friendly


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 How and why did a man so rich, so accomplished and so visible become so reclusive, phobic, and fragile? Recent medical discoveries may explain the bizarre billionaire.


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