During 1964, he wrote the music for the Michael Cacoyiannis film Zorba the Greek, whose main theme, since then, exists as a trademark for Greece. It is also known as 'Syrtaki dance'; inspired from old Cretan traditional dances.

On 21 April 1967 a right wing junta (the Regime of the Colonels) took power in a putsch.
Theodorakis went underground and founded the "Patriotic Front" (PAM). On 1 June, the Colonels published "Army decree No 13", which banned playing, and even listening to his music.
Theodorakis himself was arrested on 21 August, and jailed for five months.

After the fall of the Colonels, Mikis Theodorakis returned to Greece on 24 July 1974 to continue his work and his concert tours, both in Greece and abroad.

Theodorakis achieved the distinction of producing one of the largest works by any composer of any time.

Theodorakis has written more than 1,000 songs and song-cycles, whose melodies have become part of the heritage of Greek music.

Yannis Parios/Mikis Theodorakis/O Erotikos Theodorakis - Live at Likavitos Theater (Athens).
Στρώσε Το Στρώμα Σου (Strose to stroma sou)
Ο Καημός (O kaimos)


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