The Benny Hill Show was a British comedy television show starring Benny Hill.

There were various incarnations of the show between 15 January 1955 and 30 May 1991, and it aired in over 140 countries.

Alfred Hawthorne Hill (21 January 1924 – 20 April 1992), known by his stage name Benny Hill, was an English comedian and actor, best remembered for his long-running internationally popular television programme The Benny Hill Show

Who Done It Starring Benny Hill 

Benny and the Jests, 1958-1968 


The Good the Bawd and the Benny,1965-1968

Benny Hill in New York Special

How to Meet Beautiful Women

Diana Darvey feat. Benny Hill & Jackie Wright

The Benny Hill Show, Show #29, Season 8, Episode 1, Aired January 26, 1977. Continental Cabaret with Diana Darvey: featuring Benny Hill & Jackie Wright as brothers who accompany Diana as she sings a beautiful Spanish Song, Perfidia. 

Diana Magdalene Roloff (21 April 1945 – 11 April 2000), known professionally as Diana Darvey, was an English actress, singer, and dancer, best known for her appearances on The Benny Hill Show.

John "Jackie" Wright (c. 1905 in Belfast, Ireland – January 1989 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) also nicknamed Little Jackie and Uncle Jackie, was a Northern Irish comedian, best known for being the bald-headed sidekick of Benny Hill on his television program for fifteen years.

life and career of Diana Magdalene Roloff

 Benny Hill Splash 480


 Benny Hill [Fireman Service]


 Benny Hill - Robin Hood

William B  Good stuff, Benny Hill was just plain downright funny
Jul But   There's more jokes and ideas in 10 min of Benny Hill, than in an entire Wayans movie
albear972   There will be no one else but Benny Hill ever! Thanks for the stomach ache from laughing too much.
William B  according to just about every mother in the United States would say about Benny Hill, He's a dirty old man, but he sure was hilarious


 Benny Hill Show Quote

Quote from British comedy series Benny Hill Show (Season 7, episode 2 - Murder on the Oregon Express)

 The Benny Hill Show 1969


Benny Hill - Portable TV Set 1972

With Jenny Lee-Wright as the wife who takes her TV set everywhere.
As Benny tells his sad story, we get three film clips: a takeoff on TV's "Ironside" with Benny as the wheelchair-bound detective (with Pat Ashton, Jimmy Thompson and Bob Todd); Benny in a cooking show and Benny as a TV priest who reveals more than we should see and a send-up of the Ladybirds with Benny, Bob Todd & Jimmy Thompson. In the end, we get to see Jenny and Benny on their honeymoon.


Benny Hill Fred Scuttle's Channel Tunnel 1973

Benny Hill Mr. TV Times w/Closing Chase (1974)


Benny Hill - Film Time: Director Sam Speiler (1974)

The Benny Hill Show 1977 

Unstoppabull 360  Diana Darvey was absolutely beautiful in this episode. Perfection.


The Benny Hill Show 1979

trains4george  I've been in love with Sue Upton longer than I care to remember I'm sure in his way Benny was too.
He had a great talent for making comedy which to some extent was never used to the full.
Sadly he's still missed such a lot by all those that knew him.
Such a kind and surprisingly sensitive man, and a very true friend to those close to him.
Bless you, Benny, your legacy lives on.

The Benny Hill Show 


Benny Hill! As.. A Hilarious Tribute To All Those '70's Detectives!

PB King  Gone too soon and missed beyond words! R.I.P. Mr. Hill and thank you for leaving us so much to treasure?
Issy Malin  I hope this train stops at the local station, I need to get on it.
Ed Tulip  One of the most amazing things I ever saw. Funny on so many levels. & You do realize it was Benny Playing all of those roles?


 Benny performs alongside the funny Irishman, Jackie Wright.

Hide Ryze  Benny was great, the best by choosing Jackie for his program, but it wouldn't be the same without the old little man. Both RIP.

El Bestione  Two Sirs of comedy and fun: an Irish short one and a southern British taller one! Both excellent!


Benny Hill in Tirol

The Benny Hill Show 1980 




Benny Hill_1

Via Satelite  Benny Hill was a creative genius like no other has been even.
Kevin Thomas Anderson Benny Hill: the single greatest British comedian of all time.
Paul Mcgovern  He was real. No pretense, no star status. Just very clever, very caring and most of all really funny.
DON CHECHO MAGOO  THe great Benny Hill. He was loved in Mexico too. The very good times.

The Benny Hill Show 1971


Benny Hill - Newer Faces (1975)

 Benny Hill  Dennis Roussos and Mama Mouskouri


Benny Hil - Bijou Burlesque (1986)

The show opener with Bijou Burlesque, which appears to be a real burlesque show, done in the same style burlesque shows might have been done long ago.
Everything from the costumes to the jokes is done in a vaudeville style. Six girls sing a quick song to introduce Benny, who steps out and sings a song about "Adam and Eve".
Benny introduces a group of beautiful girls who step out and sing a song completely out of tune. The first girl to step on the pedestal is Sue Upton, followed by Anna Dawson, Lorraine Doyle and then an unknown girl in a Carmen Miranda style costume steps up.
This bit ends with Benny singing about "Adam and Eve" once again.


Benny Hill - Wife-Swap (1986)

Benny Hill - Home Catering (1989)

The Wakayama Boy  They don't make TV shows like this anymore. I really miss these kinds of TV shows.


Benny Hill Jungle Antics w/Closing Chase (1989)

 The Benny Hill Show 1982 

The Benny Hill Show is a British comedy television show that starred Benny Hill and aired in various incarnations between 15 January 1955 and 30 May 1991 in over 140 countries.

The show focused on sketches that were full of slapstick, mime, parody, and double-entendre.

Thames Television canceled production of the show in 1989 due to declining ratings and large production costs at £450,000 per show.

The Benny Hill Show features Benny Hill in various short comedy sketches and occasional, extravagant musical performances by artists of the time.

Hill appears in many different costumes and portrays a vast array of characters. Slapstick, burlesque and double entendres are his hallmarks.

A group of critics accused the show of sexism, but Hill said that female characters kept their dignity while the men who chase them were portrayed as buffoons.

The show often uses undercranking and sight gags to create what he called "live animation", and he employs techniques like mime and parody.

The show typically closes with a sped-up chase scene involving him and often a crew of scantily-clad women (usually with Hill being the one chased, due to silly predicaments that he himself caused), a takeoff on the stereotypical Keystone Kops chase scenes.

Hill also composed and sang patter songs and often entertained his audience with lengthy high-speed double-entendre rhymes and songs, which he recited or sang in a single take.

Hill also used the television camera to create comedic illusions.

For example, in a murder mystery farce entitled "Murder on the Oregon Express" from 1976 (a parody of Murder on the Orient Express) Hill used editing, camera angles, and impersonations to depict a Quinn Martin–like TV "mystery" featuring Hill in the roles of 1970s American television detectives Ironside, McCloud, Kojak, Cannon, and Hercule Poirot.

During his television career, Hill performed impersonations or parodies of such American celebrities as W. C. Fields, Orson Welles (renamed "Orson Buggy"), Kenny Rogers, Marlon Brando, Raymond Burr, and fictional characters that range from The Six Million Dollar Man and Starsky and Hutch to The A-Team and Cagney & Lacey.

He also impersonated such international celebrities as Nana Mouskouri and Miriam Makeba.

He also impersonated celebrities from his own country: Hill delivered impersonations of British stars such as Shirley Bassey, Michael Caine (in his Alfie role), newscasters Reginald Bosanquet, Alan Whicker and Cliff Michelmore, pop-music show hosts Jimmy Savile and Tony Blackburn, musician Roger Whittaker, his former 1960s record producer Tony Hatch, political figures Lord Boothby and Denis Healey, and Irish comedian Dave Allen.

On a few occasions, he even impersonated his former straight man, Nicholas Parsons.

A spoof of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? saw him playing both Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.


Benny Hill - Naked Lust in Sinful Sweden

It's a mixture of mostly German, British, one or more Scandinavian language(s) and a little bit of Dutch

Mark Singley I lost this in my favorites!! Thanks for relisting. Benny was a gift to Humanity.


Benny Hill - фрагменты (1989 год)

Benny Hill's girls

A group of critics accused the show of sexism, but Hill said that female characters kept their dignity while the men who chase them were portrayed as buffoons.


Benny Hill Unseen 1991 broadcast 1994

Benny Hill (2002)

sophia mac Thanks to some disgruntled feminists this comic giant died a sad, discredited and lonely man. Feminism and humor don't go together.



Benny Hill, picture slideshow of all the flowers and wreaths the day after his burial in 1992

I took these photo's of the flowers which were laid on his grave the day after his burial in 1992, I wanted to share these with you and turned them into a slideshow so you can see the amount there were also some famous stars attended the funeral.

Benny Hill has a road named after him in Eastleigh called Benny Hill Close.

Please enjoy the slideshow, as Benny would say Goodnight viewers, R.I.P. 21/01/24 - 19/04/92 God Bless You, Benny.